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There are only 2 types of remodeling businesses that we help:

1. Any home improvement business currently getting more than 100 RAW leads per month.

2. Remodeling companies that can handle at least an extra 6 full bathroom/tub to shower conversions per month.

If you do not fit into either of these two categories, please do not book a call as we cannot help you.

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But don't take our word for it, hear straight from our clients...

"I haven't done the final numbers, I'm sure they'll go up. I think we sold about 118 K off of it. So bravo for a great concept and great execution on the part of your appointment setters and your text campaign. It was the most effective text campaign I've seen."

— Joseph McSpadden

(Owner at Five Star Bath Solutions - Marietta, GA)

"RemodelBoom was able to tweak a couple things to make it easier for us, and we really appreciate that. We were able to generate $155K net revenue, and especially on a rev-share I'll take that every day, all day long, I'm already excited for the future. You can use me if any of your customers want to hear from somebody that works with you!

— Eric Peschke

(VP of Marketing at Zintex Remodeling Group)

"This was probably the easiest way to generate more business without any effort on our part. The whole process was super simple, it was really unique and seamless. I wasn't expecting so many people to actually pick up the phone!"

— Jennifer Bylo

(Owner & President Bay State Bath )

"I would think [the result will be] somewhere between a hundred and $150,000 of additional revenue. Right now I think we're at about $70,000, but we've got six or seven more appointments to go on... In terms of costs of sale, our marketing costs on this, they'll be lower than what our traditional marketing costs are."

— Mick Frank

(Owner at Five Star Bath Solutions - Minneapolis, MN)

"You guys made the setup SO easy and SO quick. I actually had another campaign I was trying to set up at the same time as yours, from another company. It was an email campaign. It took them two months to get set up, whereas it took you guys just a couple days."

— Erica Sperry

(Marketing Director at Midwest Bath)

Anytime I've done something in the past, it's been a waste of my time and money. And with you guys, it's been awesome. what you've offered has been a lot better than anybody else because again, you take it down a funnel and qualify the leads to me. So all have to is call them and get it set up as long as they continue on with my qualifications.

— Jay Towar

(Owner at Epiphany Kitchens)

"It went way better than we expected it to go. I don't think we've ever had a campaign that was so quick and had that many appointments and that many sales in over 3 years. What you offer is completely different to what other agencies that are doing something similar are offering."

— Sarah Kulisky

(Digital Marketing Manager @ Renewal by Andersen Central North Carolina)

"So we did about $98,000 in net sales… I've used a couple different competitors from you guys. And the set rate, as far as the number of appointments that you guys schedule for us to make those phone calls is higher. The conversion rate as far as people showing up to those calls is two to three times as high."

— Al Grabauskas

(Marketing at Carefree Home Pros)

"It's not like working with a lead aggregator where it's just like this white-label kind of deal. We've got some limiting technology, we've got just like a little drip thing going on, the fact that you can do a bulk deal is quite a bit different. Got to do it, no reason not to."

— Mike Eyre

(Re-Bath Houston, East TX, & Southern Louisiana)

"To have someone helping with that and steering it right back into our call center was definitely a blessing. All in all, if you're thinking about it, I work highly recommend giving RemodelBoom a try. RemodelBoom has certainly been a blessing so far."

— Chad Perry

(COO at EZ Baths of Louisiana)

"We didn't have the resources to be able to do the job ourselves, and really didn't want to dig into it. Honestly speaking, we were just hopeful that you would be able to do it, and you did a fabulous job."

— John Bowles

(Director of Marketing & Sales at AAPCO / BathPlanet of Richmond)

"Before, we were having to reach out and claw through the muck looking for clients, and now they're just coming to us and that's really amazing... We didn't know what to expect and the result that have come in have been really, really, unexpected and fantastic. So I would encourage anyone to at least give it a try!"

— Kori Howell

(Owner at Howell Enterprises)

"They should absolutely get involved, it worked for us and it could work for anybody! It's given us the opportunity to get sales that we wouldn't have had otherwise."

— Kasey Nee

(Call Center Manager at Bathroom Pros NJ)

"I set 39 appointments in 2 weeks which is insane! It's completely different to the campaigns that I've worked with. You made it so easy, and I'd recommend anyone to move forward with it."

— Kathy Becker

(Call Center Manager at Safe Showers)

"It was almost effortless for us, we watched the schedule of calls, we made the calls on time, and it rolled smoothly. Do it, you've got nothing to lose. Give it a try."

— Michael Sharp

(Marketing Director @ Miller Home Renovations/Bath Planet)

"We go over our database every day and it's really exhausted, I thought that we're not going to get anything out of it, but you guys really resurrected our 'dead' leads and got them excited to work with us and move forward."

— Tom Sweden

(General Manager at The Men With Tools)

"As we all know personal is expensive and when you can have an extension of your staff that's out there trying to rework opportunities it's well worth the investment. It was pretty straightforward, the call center didn't have any issues with it, we're happy with the results."

— Spencer Shaw

(CEO – Franchise Owner | RE-BATH)

"You guys do most of the work on your end, it's just a matter of us calling, setting those appointments and getting the relationship back with the clients and then making the revenue, so there really wasn't a downside for us."

— IsáBel Soto

(Call Center Manager | NorCal Remodeling Group)

"$170K in literally just 3 weeks and an 87% issue don't get that on an internet lead that's for sure! It's kind of a no-brainer because you don't have anything to lose."

— Jennifer Lanigan

(Director of Marketing at Clear Choice Home Improvements)

"I didn't think we would get such a great turnout in response and appointments and sales and all the good things I learned. It was much, much more profitable than we thought it would be. Jump over the fence and do it, I mean seriously what do you have to lose?

— Andi Elmore

(Appointment Setting at Re-Bath | Salt Lake City, Denver, Colorado Springs

"We have a rehash team, and then there's RemodelBoom, and they're different animals... I got to be honest man, you guys knock it out the park every time! You set a lot of good opportunities for us and a lot of them have come through and hopefully many more!"

— John Bowles

(Director of Marketing & Sales at SolarTyme by AAPCO)

"It's really easy, the thing I really appreciated working with RemodelBoom is they're pay-per-performance. I'm not buying a pile of dead leads that were bad leads from a lead aggregator. RemodelBoom is really a partner in that they want to be compensated based on our shared successes, and we're really happy with the results."

— Rob Bethea

(Owner at Five Star Bath Solutions of Richmond)

"My favorite part was the ease and visibility. We didn't have to do too much on our end, and you made it easy to see exactly what was going on and the results of every single call. And then ultimately seeing our schedule fill up was very rewarding. There's really nothing to lose!

— Austin Walling

(CRO at Re-Bath | Tucson, El Paso, Las Vegas

Here's What's Included:

100% Exclusive leads

Pre-qualified appointments

✔ "Ready to start" leads.

✔ Custom funnels

✔ Proven offers that work for remodeling businesses.

✔ Text sequences and reminders all setup for you

✔ Custom creatives

✔ 24/7 support

✔ Dedicated account manager

✔ Weekly reports

If you currently get more than 100 leads per month or have the capacity to handle at least an extra 6 bathroom/tub to shower conversions per month on a complete pay on results basis, then book a call:

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